Prescot Robber Discovers Hi-Vis Jacket Is Not a Good Getaway Disguise

By on Friday, October 2, 2015

hi-visA man from Prescot has been jailed after fleeing from a robbery wearing a high-visibility jacket as a disguise.

David Towey, 30, proved he wasn’t the brightest in the bunch when he made a fancy dress choice that literally made him the brightest in the bunch.

On the morning of 1 September 2015, Mr Towey donned a fluorescent coat, sunglasses and a hard hat, entered the Tesco Extra store on Cables Retail Park, Prescot, then shoved aside a security guard and ran away with a cash box.

The snappy dresser headed straight for his house on Manchester Road, where he took a shower with the loot – a move designed to stop the security dye from spraying.

Unbeknownst to the dazzlingly attired crook, security guards quickly devised a cunning entrapment strategy, namely: Look for the man in the high-visibility jacket, sunglasses and hard hat.

Security staff followed Towey to the house and, having discovered him in the bathroom with his soggy stash, kept him there until police arrived.

“You were literally caught in the shower with the cash box,” said David Aubrey QC, a judge known for his ability to sum up the situation concisely and clearly.

While the robber had used “minimal force,” he still left a security guard “really shaken and feeling sick,” demonstrating he was not merely a wally, but a thoughtless one.

Judge Aubrey sentenced Towey to for 3 years and 4 months this week, saying that his history of convictions and imprisonment suggested he “feels safer in custody than outside.”

Photo: Magnus Mertens, licensed for reuse under Creative Commons

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