Beaconsfield Residents Furious over Mounds of Uncollected Rubbish (Updated)

By on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Update 18 December 2015: Knowsley Council cleared the site on Thursday 17 December and will be meeting with landlords First Ark “as soon as possible.” KMBC have issued the following advice to residents: “Please ensure that all waste is contained in the bins provided for your personal use, maximise the use of personal or communal recycling facilities provided on the site and report any instances of fly tipping by ringing our Environmental Helpline on 0151 443 2400.”

Beaconsfield_bins_KHT_Knowsley_CouncilResidents of Beaconsfield in Prescot are horrified at a massive build-up of rubbish, with some saying there has been no waste collection in three weeks.

Helen Marie Stewart said she was “fuming” at Knowsley Council for allowing the situation to get out of control.

The council’s waste collectors have reportedly refused to remove the excess rubbish, and residents like Helen have nowhere to put their household waste except on their own balconies.

“It’s disgusting,” she said. “Why should we live like this?”

Photos taken by Ms Stewart on Wednesday 16 December show an open garage packed to the ceiling with bin bags, literally spilling out into the path.

Beaconsfield_fly_tippingElsewhere, dozens of rubbish bags remain piled up against walls and on top of unemptied bins.

Knowsley Council say fly-tipping – illegal dumping of waste – is the source of the problem.

In a statement sent to Prescot Online and some Beaconsfield residents, the council said they were making weekly collections from the flats.

“We have tried to empty the bins today [Wednesday 16 December] and are seeking support from landlords First Ark to help us clear the site,” the statement read.

beaconsfield_prescot_waste_problem“We are very concerned at the rapid build-up of waste in such a short time and are in the process of organising a meeting with First Ark to discuss collection arrangements, bin provision, landlord and tenant responsibilities and future support for residents with respect to waste minimisation and recycling.”

Residents can contact Knowsley Council’s Environmental Services on 0151 443 2400, and KHT tenants can call Knowsley Housing Trust on 0151 290 7000.

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