Campaigners Urged to Attend Next Knowsley Greenbelt Meeting

By on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Knowsley Metropolitan Borough CouncilA council meeting to discuss Knowsley’s controversial Local Plan has been reconvened for Wednesday 6 January.

Knowsley Council met on Tuesday 16 December to vote on the plan, which would see most of the borough’s greenbelt stripped of its protected status and released for housing developments.

Cllr Edna Finneran, Mayor of Knowsley, adjourned the meeting because members of the public were interrupting with unscheduled questions, however.

Police were called but did not remove any members of the public.

KMBC say they have no alternative but to release greenbelt for residential development, due to government housing targets. Protesters say the cost is too great to the environment, however, and have no confidence that local roads, schools, NHS facilities and other infrastructure can cope with the population growth.

The reconvened meeting, which is open to the public, takes place at 6pm on Wednesday 6 January in the Council Chambers in Huyton. You can read the agenda here.

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