Prescot Councillor Blasted over Leaked Emails

By on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Denise_Allen_leaked_emailA Prescot councillor has apologised to Huyton activists and former election candidates for calling them ‘little shits’ in an email to fellow councillors.

Cllr Denise Allen, who represents Prescot East on Knowsley Council, sent the email from her official account on 12 November 2015.

In the message, sent to over 20 other councillors, Cllr Allen said that community activist Peter Forrest had arranged a public meeting at the Poundcafé on Derby Road about securing Christmas lights in Huyton Village. She disputed his claim that he had contacted all Huyton councillors about it.

She then suggested that councillors attend the meeting, saying that “I know Peter Forest [sic] and Paul Woods are little shits but just thought if people went and took it over for Huyton that would wipe their eyes.”

In a follow-up email, she referred to Mr Woods as a “tosser” for claiming he had proof that Knowsley Council owned the Huyton Christmas lights, which the council denies.

Cllr Allen issued responded to a formal complaint with the following:

Having reviewed the emails, I accept that some of the wording can be seen to be disrespectful to yourself [Mr Woods] and others. In view of this, I apologise for any offence I may have caused.

She later told members of the Facebook groups Prescot Online Chat and Save Whistons Greenbelt that she had been “naive” and had “made a mistake,” but did not believe other councillors had been invited to the community meeting as its organisers had claimed. “I was trying to help,” she added.

She faced heated criticism from social media users over her comments, however, with widespread calls for her sacking or resignation.

Knowsley Council have said they acknowledge Cllr Allen behaved inappropriately, and did not condone her language, but considered the matter closed, as she had formally apologised.

Mr Woods said that he was simply trying to help the community obtain Christmas lights, and was shocked by the email comments, but he accepted the apology.

Mr Forrest, however, described the councillor’s response as a “pathetic apology” that “looks like someone else dictated it for her.”

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