Knowsley Boundaries Change for 2016 Local Elections

By on Thursday, February 25, 2016

boundarymapfeatThe number, size and layout of council wards in Knowsley will look different in the upcoming local elections.

Following a review by the Local Government Boundary Commission, Knowsley residents will now elect 45 councillors instead of the current 63, representing 15 wards, or electoral districts, cut down from 21.

The scaling-down is intended to improve efficiency and save money.

For Prescot, this means Prescot East and Prescot West are replaced by Prescot North and Prescot South. Prescot South ward incorporates part of Whiston, with Dragon Lane and Stadt Moers Park as the dividing line. Each is represented by three councillors.

The rest of Whiston will become part of the new Whiston & Cronton ward, previously divided into Whiston North and Whiston South. Three councillors represent the new ward.

Despite the changes, Council Leader Cllr Andy Moorhead said each councillor would still represent approximately the same number of people.

Click here for a PDF of the new map. The full list of new Knowsley Council wards, electing three councillors each, is:

Halewood North
Halewood South
Page Moss
Prescot North
Prescot South
St Gabriels
St Michaels
Whiston & Cronton

All seats are up for election on Thursday 5 May 2016.

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