Ask the Candidates: Prescot & Whiston Local Elections

By on Thursday, March 17, 2016

elections copyOn Thursday 5 May 2o16, Knowsley will go to the polls to elect a new council. Every seat in the borough – that’s 45 councillors, recently cut down from 63 – will be up for grabs.

What are the local issues you care about? What are the questions you want answered? What are the problems you want your elected representatives to tackle in your neighbourhood?

From libraries, theatres and schools to the greenbelt, social services and waste collections, what do you expect from councillors?

When the candidates are announced and the election campaign begins, Prescot Online wants to put your questions to those standing in your wards.

Ask the Candidates

question_markTo submit a question to candidates standing in Prescot and Whiston (which includes Cronton), please fill in the form below, then watch this space in the coming weeks for candidates’ responses.

You do not need to give your full name, and your postcode is purely so Prescot Online can find out which candidates are standing in your area.

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