2016 Local Elections: Who’s Standing in Prescot & Whiston?

By on Friday, April 8, 2016

Knowsley Metropolitan Borough CouncilOn Thursday 5 May 2016, every council seat in Knowsley will be up for grabs. Wards and boundaries have changed, and voters will now elect 45 councillors instead of the current 63.

What are the issues you care about, and which candidate will get your vote?

Here’s a rundown of who’s standing for election to Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council on 5 May this year:


Robert Avery (Conservative)
Carl Cashman (Liberal Democrats)
Mike Kearns (Labour)
Lynn O’Keeffe (Labour)
Ian Smith (Liberal Democrats)
Bill Weightman (Labour)
Steve Whatham (Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition)
Mike Wynn (Liberal Democrats)


Denise Allen (Labour)
Steff O’Keeffe (Labour)
Paul Shaw (Liberal Democrats)
Sophia Smith (Liberal Democrats)
Sheila Webster (Conservative)
John Wickham (Liberal Democrats)
Dave Williams (Labour)


Terry Byron (Labour)
Carl Cross (Conservative)
Gillian Flatley (Labour)
Tony Newman (Labour)
Dave O’Hara (Liberal Democrats)
Samantha Smith (Liberal Democrats)
Marjorie Sommerfield (Liberal Democrats)

Full details of all candidates nominated to stand in Knowsley in 2016 are online here (PDF). Click the image below to view the full-size map of electoral wards in Knowsley since the boundary changes (PDF).




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