Video Attacks Knowsley Council over Greenbelt

By on Thursday, April 21, 2016

A short film by a local election candidate criticises Knowsley Council for failing to save the borough’s green spaces.

The 10-minute video, by Paul Woods, documents how in 2000 the council sold six acres of the King George V Playing Fields in Huyton, despite a 1991 promise by then-Council Leader Jim Keight that the land would and could never be taken away from the public.

It goes on to describe the more recent furore over the removal of protection from over half the borough’s greenbelt, as part of the Knowsley Local Plan.

Despite many of them having voted against giving up greenbelt on town and parish councils, borough councillors said the government had forced their hand when they voted unanimously in favour earlier this year.

The move means that developers are now free to build houses on previously protected land.

Paul_Woods“I made the video to show how the Council have destroyed our greenbelt in the past, and how they continue to do so,” said Paul Woods.

“Our greenbelt is not an infinite source. One day there will be none left for councils to profit from, if they carry on in the same way.

“But they get away with it because there is no opposition. I believe it is time that they had some opposition.”

Mr Woods – whom a Labour councillor infamously maligned in a leaked email last year – is standing as an independent candidate for Stockbridge Ward on 5 May 2016.


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