Labour Victory in Knowsley, but Lib Dems Upset Apple Cart in Prescot North

By on Friday, May 6, 2016

Prescot_Lib_Dems_2016_electionIt was a clean sweep for Labour among most of the borough of Knowsley in yesterday’s elections – except in Prescot North, where the Liberal Democrats won all three seats.

In the neighbouring wards of Prescot South and Whiston & Cronton, Labour took all seats, with Denise Allen, Steff O’Keeffe and Dave Williams winning Prescot South, and Terry Byron, Gillian Flatley and Tony Newman in Whiston & Cronton.

In Prescot North, however, which includes the town centre, however, Labour’s Mike Kearns, Lynn O’Keeffe and Bill Weightman all lost to Lib Dems Carl Cashman, Ian Smith and Mike Wynn.

The election results mark the first time in four years that anyone but Labour has had a seat on Knowsley Council, which has been 100% Labour since 2012.

Photo: J Tattan


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