New Benches for Prescot Park after 2016 Arson Attacks

By on Thursday, February 23, 2017

eaton-street-park-benchEaton Street Park in Prescot boasts new, vandal-proof benches following a spate of arson attacks last summer.

All the picnic benches and some playground equipment on the Green Flag site were “systematically” destroyed in what Town Clerk Daniel Wilson described as “appalling and determined acts” that cost the town approximately £3,000.

Prescot Town Council and Friends of Eaton Street Park have since worked with Merseyside Police to try to address the issue.

Now the town council has rethought how it provides furniture in its parks, and the solution is investing in more expensive but lasting, target-hardened benches rather than continuing to replace damaged items like-for-like. The first example is a new picnic bench at Eaton Street.

“This type of bench is extremely uncommon in the UK,” said Mr Wilson, “but very prevalent on the Continent.

“Being made of cast concrete, the bench is non-combustible, extremely heavy, and easy to clean with regard to graffiti. Although considerably more expensive that its wooden or plastic counterparts, the town council hope that this type of park furniture will stand the test of time and will be well used over many years.”

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