Prescot Family Man Making Waves in Tech

By on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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Clocks, cables, Edward Lear and William Shakespeare—all things Prescot is known for. But could technology be the next big thing for the town? Local entrepreneur Darren Galvin thinks so.

Husband to Steph and back then a regional sales manager, Darren (pictured) returned to Liverpool—the city of his birth—in 2008.

Having seen a need for PC repair services in Prescot, he opened The Lappy Shop on High Street in 2013, and he quickly fell in love with the historic Lancashire town.

In 2015, now a father of four, he placed the shop in the capable hands of partner Chris Brown and continued to expand his own IT services on new premises at Prescot Business Park.

A light bulb moment

“Then I had a ‘Eureka!’ moment,” Darren explains. “I embarked on a journey with my friend and fellow businessman Graham Black, and we created the company SearchEngine4.”

With operations director Danny Webster (pictured with Darren), the three have been working on several innovative new apps, the first of which will be launched later this month.

“We’ve described the process as a secret pregnancy,” Darren said.

“Not only has it been gestating in our offices for nine months, but bringing the project to fruition has meant dozens of sleepless nights and early mornings.”

App launch a few weeks away

Hourly Skills will be the first global, multilingual skills-sharing app on the market. Already a success with test users, the app for Android and iOS hits Google Play and Apple stores on 29 March 2017.

“Whether your skill is walking dogs, teaching piano, cleaning windows or building websites, Hourly Skills gives you the chance to offer your services to potential clients internationally or locally,” Darren said.

“Need someone to do your accounts or set up your website? You can hire someone with the right skills quickly and easily with this app.”

As well as the ability to offer and hire services, Hourly Skills connects users to a community where they can ask and answer industry-specific questions, gaining knowledge or building a reputation.

Big ideas for a small town

But even though the team expects the app to be a global success, Darren is insistent that his own hub of operations will always be Prescot, where his passion lies.

Since coming to the town, he has spearheaded charity initiatives and led campaigns to get better parking for town centre shoppers and business owners. He has invested more than just his company in Prescot.

“I’d love to be in a position to offer much-needed digital tech employment to local people in the coming years,” said Darren.

“No matter how big this enterprise becomes, my heart is going to remain in Prescot.”

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Pictured above, L-R: Senior Developer Mark Welburn, SE4 Co-founder & Financial Director Graham Black, Operations Director Danny Webster & Managing Director Darren Galvin

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