Where’s Santa’s Sleigh in Prescot This Christmas?

By on Friday, December 1, 2017

Santa is getting his sleigh and reindeer ready and heading for Prescot, Whiston and Rainhill this Christmas, courtesy of Prescot and Rainhill Rotary Clubs.

The complete dates and times (subject to change) are:

  • Sunday 3 December – 5pm Knowsley Village, Longmeadow Road & surrounding roads
  • Monday 4 December – 6pm Shaw Lane area, Prescot
  • Tuesday 5 December – 6pm Arnside Avenue, Sandhurst Road area
  • Thursday 7 December – Ivy Farm Road, Stapleton Close & Ratcliffe Place areas, Rainhill
  • Sunday 10 December – St James’s Road, Alder Road, Portico Lane & Forest Grove areas, Prescot & Eccleston Park
  • Monday 11 December – 6pm Windy Arbor Road, St Nicholas Road areas, Whiston
  • Tuesday 12 December – 6pm Sandstone Drive, Watling Way, Honeybourne Drive, Sinclair Avenue areas, Whiston & Prescot
  • Thursday 14 December- 6pm The Crescent & Cedar Road areas, Whiston
  • Friday 15 December – 10am-8pm Asda Huyton
  • Wednesday 20 December – 10am-8pm Tesco Extra Prescot
  • Thursday 21 December – 2pm-8pm Tesco Extra Prescot
  • Friday 22 December – 10am-6pm Tesco Extra Prescot
  • Saturday 23 December – 9am-1pm Eccleston Street, Prescot (town centre)
  • Sunday 24 December (Christmas Eve) – 9am-1pm Rainhill Village

Don’t forget to give generously when you see Santa on his sleigh, as all donations go to great local causes.

Click here for more Prescot, Whiston and Rainhill events this Christmas.

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