Prescot Criminologist Pens Second Crime Novel

By on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Criminologist Ian Marsh has published his second thriller.

In Gemma Makes Her Mark, the Liverpool Hope University lecturer, who lives in Prescot, tells the tale of a probation officer who uses a sociopathic murderer to exact revenge on her mother.

It is a direct sequel to his 2015 book Murderer: On Your Mark, in turn based on the misdeeds of a real-life serial killer. He updated the setting from early 20th-century New York to 1970s Brighton, England, and its follow-up is set in 1980s Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The blurb to Gemma Makes Her Mark promises an “insightful and disturbing” read that “culminates in a gripping climax set on the Adriatic coastline of Yugoslavia.”

The book is now available in paperback and on Kindle from

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