Chef Has 24 Hours to Raise £50k for Prescot Restaurant

By on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

[UPDATE: Pinion Bistro raised the required £50,000 within one hour. The total at the end of the 24-hour crowdfunder was £86,624.]

A successful chef and entrepreneur is giving himself 24 hours to raise the £50.000 he still needs to open a bistro in Prescot.

Gary Usher hopes the day-long crowdfunding campaign will top up existing funds so he can open Pinion in the former Betfred bookmakers on Eccleston Street, in the heart of the historic town centre.

Inspired by the prospect of a new Shakespearean theatre and educational centre in Prescot, Usher sees it as his way to contribute to the regeneration of a town he’s found friendly and welcoming.

He adds the stylish eatery to a portfolio that includes Sticky Walnut in Chester, Burnt Truffle in Heswall and Hispi in Didsbury.

Last year he broke British crowdfunding records by raising over £200k from over 1,500 backers for his new Wreckfish restaurant in Liverpool. He’ll open another, Kala, in Manchester this September.

“We’ve got our other restaurants that we consider really successful, but profit margins aren’t huge because we use great produce and invest heavily in our amazing team,” he says.

“We therefore need to create capital, and crowdfunding is the perfect way to do this.”

The menu will “feature freshly baked bread and humble, bistro dishes, such as a beef braise with truffle and parmesan chips and a classic tart for dessert.”

In return for their investment, backers will receive vouchers to spend in the restaurant when it opens.

How to Contribute to the Pinion Prescot Crowdfunder

The crowdfunding campaign goes live on Kickstarter at 9pm on Wednesday 30 May. Register your interest HERE to receive a notification when the campaign goes live, and follow Pinion on Facebook or Twitter (@PINIONbistro) to keep up-to-date with progress.

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