Voting Now Open on Shakespeare North Prescot Street Name

By on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A competition to name the street in front of Prescot’s new Shakespeare North Playhouse is now in its final stage.

A shortlist of six Shakespeare-inspired names, along with reasons for the suggestions, is being put to the public vote. Each was proposed by a member of the public in the first round of the contest. They are:

Elsinore Place

“Elsinore is the location of the castle which features in the famous play Hamlet and ‘Place’ would be apt for the thoroughfare as it will be leading to a place where Shakespeare’s work will be enjoyed by young and old, from near and far.”

Strange’s Men Walk

“This name was chosen because Lord Strange’s Men were the acting company who most likely staged some of Shakespeare’s works at the original theatre in Prescot.”

Prospero Place

“Prospero is a character from The Tempest. He learned sorcery and Prescot could do with a little magic! The playhouse could be the best cultural thing to happen to Prescot and Knowsley in general.

“Also, Prospero symbolises theatrical illusion and that is what the new Shakespeare theatre will bring to the people of Prescot.”

“’We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.’”- Prospero, The Tempest.”

Cardenio Way*

Cardenio is the title of a lost play but credited to Shakespeare and was one that was performed during his lifetime. Weint is an old English word describing a narrow lane and/or well-used pathway which fits well. It is short, snappy, and easy to say and is memorable!”

*Note: To comply with street naming policy, Weint has been changed to Way.

Siddons Street

“To be named after Sarah Siddons, the elder sister of Prescot-born actor John Philip Kemble. She was most famous for her portrayal of Lady Macbeth and she would have lived in Prescot when her brother John was born in 1757. She was mentioned in William Wordsworth’s epic poem The Prelude (1798).”

Illyria Way

“Illyria is the fictional island in which the characters are shipwrecked on in Twelfth Night. This is a brilliant comedic play and some students in the area will know it from studying Shakespeare at school.”

Click here to vote for your favourite street name, and be a part of making Prescot history. Voting closes on Friday 29 June 2018.

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