Prescot Street to Be Called Prospero Place

By on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The competition to name a new street in Prescot has come to an end, with the public choosing Prospero Place as the winner, from a shortlist of five.

The street will be the official address of the Shakespeare North Playhouse, a new complex housing an education centre and an 350-seat Elizabethan theatre.

The name was inspired by the main character in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, in which the exiled Duke of Milan uses magical powers to protect his daughter and plot revenge on the brother who betrayed him.

Peter Smith, one of several entrants who suggested the name, said he chose it because he “really like[d] the alliteration of the words ‘Playhouse at Prospero Place, Prescot.'”

Joint winner Julie Pontin said she and her son Luke were inspired by MATE Productions’ woodland staging of The Tempest in 2017. “The performance was wonderful,” Julie said.

Mother and daughter Charlotte and Debbie Jones also suggested Prospero Place. Charlotte studied  The Tempest at A Level and said they liked the name “as it sounds really positive, and we want Prescot to be prosperous.”

She added, “I think that the new Playhouse will inspire younger generations and will provide an amazing experience for the people of Prescot.”

The site of the new theatre, adjacent to the Mill Street Car Park in Prescot town centre, has been cleared and investigated by archaeologists. Construction will begin soon, with a projected opening in summer 2020.

See The Tempest in Prescot this summer

The Lord Chamberlain’s Men will be bringing Shakespeare’s The Tempest to Knowsley  Hall in Prescot on Thursday 9 August.

Tickets are £15 for adults and £10 for children, and are available from Jessie & Co on Leyland Street in Prescot town centre or online here.

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