Bakery Becomes Second Prescot Eatery to Smash Crowdfunding Target

By on Friday, August 3, 2018

A Prescot bakery has raised £30,000 in one month to open its next premises in the town centre.

The Albion Bakehouse set a target of £30k to raise through a crowdfunding campaign, where members of the public contribute in return for an array of rewards, from cakes and afternoon tea to VIP tickets to the grand opening.

The Leyland Street-based business will continue to bake and sell from its current location, while a newly refurbished premises on adjacent Atherton Street (pictured) will serve food and drink round the clock. Affectionately termed the Albion Bakehouse’s ‘little brother,’ the new location will also host parties and events.

Nail-biting finish to Kickstarter campaign

Owner Nina admitted on Twitter to having “a bit of a wobble” on 24 July, when the campaign was not even halfway to its goal, but friend, chef and fellow entrepreneur Gary Usher “just turned up and gave me a slap” to get her “back on track.”

With a massive push on social media, the remaining funds began to pour in, with 423 backers eventually pledging £31,856 towards Down in Albion.

Chef nails £50,000 in 24 hours

Usher and his team are dabhands at crowdfunding, having run multiple campaigns and gained a big fan following. He now has five restaurants throughout the North West, and his next – Pinion Bistro – will open on Eccleston Street, Prescot, later this year, following a funds drive that raised an incredible £50k in 24 hours.

Influx of bars & eateries

Usher and Halliwell join a wave of businesses expanding or starting up in Prescot on the back of the new Shakespeare North theatre and college.

A few doors away, Balaeric bar and charcuterie Urbano Chiringuito is preparing to open in the former Wool Shop.

At the other end of the town centre, work has begun on the historic Market Place (pictured, courtesy of Prescot THI), where Gaynor and Francesco La Rocca of community theatre company MATE Productions will open the MATE Bistro, incorporating both outdoor and indoor space for arts and entertainment.

Their neighbours, in the former Red Lion pub, will be Kingsmen 1685, a street food restaurant run by military veterans. Expect ribs, steaks, burgers and other street food favourites from around the world.

And the Station Coffee House have just announced plans to expand their Vintage Thyme catering brand to a second, yet-to-be-revealed Prescot location.

Meanwhile, rotisserie Rustik on Hall Lane and The Bard micropub on High Street are just a couple of the classy food and drink establishments to have opened in Prescot in recent years.

The Shakespeare North Playhouse is expected to attract over 110,000 visitors a year to Prescot, adding £5.3 million a year (GVA) to the local economy, according to Knowsley Council.

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