Prescot & Whiston Town Councils Turn Green as Labour Lose All Seats

By on Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Whiston Town Council is now 100% Green, and Prescot Town Council is Green-controlled, with 7 Green councillors to 5 Lib Dem.

No Labour members remain on either town council after last Thursday’s local elections.

All seats were up for election on town and parish councils in Knowsley this year, with new ward boundaries and a fewer number of councillors in each town.

Town councils are smaller than borough councils, and in Prescot and Whiston their members receive no salaries or expenses.

While a metropolitan borough council, such as Knowsley, has control over large-scale decisions, a town council’s role usually involves distributing money to community and charitable causes, investing relatively small sums in the town, and championing the town’s interests before larger bodies and agencies.

Pictured: The new Prescot Town Council

The full results (Thursday 2 May 2019) were as follows, in order of votes received:


Prescot North

Ian Smith (Lib Dem) 964 ELECTED
Mark Burke (Lib Dem) 963 ELECTED
Frances Wynn (Lib Dem) 941 ELECTED
Chris Krelle (Lib Dem) 912 ELECTED
Les Rigby (Lib Dem) 892 ELECTED
Thomas Large (Green) 883 ELECTED
Thomas Smith
(Green) 866 ELECTED
Anne Chell (Labour) 480
Stephanie Lynch (Labour) 470
Tony Ely (Labour) 455
Paul Oulton (Labour) 441
Janet Turnbull (Labour) 433
Alan Davies (Labour) 429

Prescot South

Joanne Burke (Green) 697 ELECTED
Kai Taylor
(Green) 650 ELECTED
Tracey Murray (Green) 582 ELECTED
Pat Cook (Green) 580 ELECTED
Graham Wickens (Green) 549
Dave Friar (Labour) 299
Joan Molloy (Labour) 272
Dave Rigby (Labour) 246
Jackie Rigby (Labour) 241
Stephen Pimblett (Labour) 230


Whiston North

Mavis Keyes (Green) 740 ELECTED
John Gaffney (Green) 732 ELECTED
George Gaffney (Green) 728 ELECTED
Joanne Mimnagh (Green) 689 ELECTED
Denise Allen (Labour) 348
Matthew Allen (Labour) 278
Vince Cullen (Labour) 278
Robert Pemberton (Labour) 252

Whiston South

Ron Gaffney (Green) 994 ELECTED
Sandra Gaffney 
(Green) 891 ELECTED
Trisha Jones (Green) 859 ELECTED
Pauline Kelly (Green) 846 ELECTED
Julie Anne Parker (Green) 839 ELECTED
Anthony Jones (Green) 760 ELECTED
Paul Shaw (Green) 744 ELECTED
David O’Keefe (Green) 709 ELECTED
Terry Byron (Labour) 697
Ray Davis (Labour) 646
Tony Newman (Labour) 634
Davd Williams (Labour) 589
Gillian Flatley (Labour) 588
Harry Campbell (Labour) 578
Pat Grimes (Labour) 562
Bob Grimes (Labour) 553

View or download the town council as a pdf here. Results for the election of Knowsley borough councillors in Prescot and Whiston are here (pdf).

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