Station Coffee House Named Prescot’s Best Restaurant

By on Thursday, June 27, 2019

Station Coffee House has been named ‘Prescot’s Best Restaurant’ in a Facebook competition run by Prescot Online.

The artisan eatery opened in 2016 in the long-disused station house of Prescot Rail Station and quickly gained a reputation for its high-quality, locally sourced, home-cooked food.

To find the winner, Prescot Online invited nominations of any establishment within the town of Prescot itself, where people could order a sit-down meal.

Eateries were then paired for knockout rounds, with winners going through to the next knockout round. Any Facebook member following the competition was able to cast a vote, and both the eateries and their fans were encouraged to share the polls and post comments and reviews urging others to vote for them.

Between each knockout round, all-runners up were eligible for a ‘wild card’ round, with the winner going through to the next round to make the numbers even.

The nominated businesses were Beijing, Mr Ho’s, Rustik Rotisserie, Kingsmen Street Food, Down in Albion, Pinion Bistro, Roast at The Watch Factory, The Watchmaker (JD Wetherspoon), The Old Mill pub, Urbano Chiringuito, Namaste, Sing Ping, Ray’s Bakery, Hamlet’s Kitchen, Lou’s Cafe, Poco Coffee and Flossy’s.

Despite early signs that long-established favourites such as Ray’s Bakery and Beijing Chinese Restaurant might triumph, a last-minute wave of support saw the relatively young Down in Albion and Station Coffee House vying for top spot, beating Ray’s and Beijing, respectively, by 52% to 48% in the semifinals.

Station Coffee House won with an impressive 824 votes, or 59% against Down in Albion’s 41%. Prescot Online readers cast 1,400 votes in the final alone.

The aim of this just-for-fun contest was to give Prescot’s stunning array of eateries the chance at some free exposure on social media, and Prescot Online would like to thank all its Facebook followers for voting, and to the nominated businesses for being great sports in the first ever Prescot’s Best Restaurant competition.

Finally, congratulations to Station Coffee House. Find them at on Facebook, visit their official website at, or drop in for a meal or a cup of coffee at the Station House, Bridge Road, Prescot, L34 5SY.

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