Is Prescot Online something to do with the council?

No. Prescot Online is a completely independent website. Knowsley Council and the local town councils occasionally provide press releases, and these are clearly marked as such if and when they are published.

Who runs Prescot Online?

Freelance writer and editor David L Rattigan is editor and webmaster of Prescot Online. This is a professional pen name, and he is better-known locally as David Kernick.

Does Prescot Online report news, or is it just the editor’s opinion?

Prescot Online publishes both factual news stories and personal opinion. When the editor is sharing his own perspective, the article is categorised under “Views,” and the editor signs his name at the bottom to make it clear it’s opinion.

Is Prescot Online political?

No. The news reporting is impartial, although occasionally the editor may bring political views into opinion pieces. Press releases and other items from all political parties are welcome, and will be published or worked into a story at the editor’s discretion.

How is Prescot Online funded?

Google Ads currently cover the basic running costs of the site, but the long-term plan is to attract local businesses to advertise (click here to contact Dave for more information).